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Where Does Granite Come From and How Does it End Up in Your Home?

We all love our granite countertops, but have we ever stopped to think about where it comes from and how it made its way to our kitchen islands? Well, granite is an igneous rock that is formed under the Earth’s surface from magma cooling and hardening. The wide variety of colors found in granite is because of the percentage of minerals that cooled and hardened within that area, whether it be quartz, feldspar, and other minerals.

The slabs of granite in our warehouse are dimension stone – where the stone is cut out of a quarry and into large blocks of granite. From there, it is cut into a specific length, thickness, and width, and then it is polished to give it a beautiful shine. Afterward is when we, EPIC Stone, come into the chain – we receive the polished slabs on trucks and place them in our warehouse where people come and select which slabs they would like in their homes. Here at EPIC Stone, we can also re-finish to give them a different look and feel, with both honed and brushed finishes. Once you come in and pick which slabs best suits your space, we will send it to a fabricator that will cut it to fit your specific space, and then they will deliver it and install your brand new beautiful countertop.


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